PB-M98S 98Wh Pocket V-mount Battery Pack


PB-M98S 98Wh Pocket V-mount Battery Pack

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Tiny V-mount battery

Pocket fit size

The brick size V-mount batteries are always too big and heavy for field shootings, especially the handheld stabi- lizers, focus puller monitor, portable LED panel, or small cameras.

PB-M98S Pocket V-mount battery is designed for the above applications!

It’s only a DV battery size, with high capacity cells and still reaches 98Wh, and without any compromise on the DC sockets!


98Wh Fly Friendly

150W/12A constant high load.

PB-M98S consists of 8pcs of high class 18650 battery cells, nominal voltage is 14.4V and reaches 98Wh / 6.8Ah high capacity.

You can take this battery in carry-on luggage to board airplane.

The constant load is as high as 150W, 12A, applicable for high power devices.


Built-in D-tap and USB

The pocket size PB-M98S still has D-tap and USB sockets built-in. The D-tap socket has 100W/8A load, and support charging input by SWIT PC-U130B2 dual D-tap charger.

The USB socket outputs 5V/2A for smart phone fast charging.



5-LED Power Indicator

Low battery warning

PB-M98S has 5-LEDs to indicator remaining power percentage. When remaining power is less than 10%, the last LED will flash automatically to remind changing battery.




3A Fast Charging

PB-M98S can be charged by all standard V-mount chargers and D-tap chargers. Max charging current is 3A.

The following chargers are recommended:

    - S-3822S, Portable 2-ch Simultaneous Charger.

          - Charge 2x PB-M98S: Approx. 3 hours.

    - PC-U130B2, Ultra-Portable Dual D-tap head charger

          - Charge 1x PB-M98S: Approx. 3 hours.

          - Charge 2x PB-M98S: Approx. 5 hours and 15 minutes.



Hot-Swap Adaptor

You can use 2x PB-M98S hot-swapable on cameras, by the Hot-swap Adaptor KA-M20S, to get a long time, uninterrupted power, and equivalent to a standard size V-mount battery.



Wire-Free Internal Tech

PB-M98S has innovative “Wire-Free” internal technic.

All the cells, D-tap, USB, power indicator devices are directly soldered onto PCB, no connecting wires, to reduce internal resistance effectively, and make the circuit stable, safe, and reliable.



Wire-Free Internal Technology

PB-M98S has an innovative internal "Wire-Free" technique.

All cells, D-tap, USB, power indicator devices are directly soldered to the PCB, without connecting wires, to reduce the internal resistance effectively, and make the circuit stable, safe and reliable.

Special transparent version 

The transparent version has the same intensity and specifications as the normal cover.

     - Battery plate: V-mount.

     - Nominal voltage: 14.4V.

     - Capacity: 98Wh, 6.8Ah.

     - Max output:

          -  In total: 150W.

          -  Electrodes: 150W, 12A.

          -  USB:10W, 5V/2A.

          - D-tap: 100W / 8A.

     - Dimension: 100×74×48mm.

     - Charging Temperature: 0-40°C.

     - Discharging Temperature: -20°C-50°C(Capacity and Max Load may decrease when operating below 0°.

     - Net weight: 0.51kg.

     - Max charging current: 3A.

1x PB-M98S 98Wh Pocket V-mount Battery Pack

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