PB-S220S 220Wh Multi-sockets Square Digital Battery Pack


PB-S220S 220Wh Multi-sockets Square Digital Battery Pack

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220Wh / 15.3Ah Capacity

Consists of 24pcs of high class 18650 battery cells, nominal voltage is 14.4V and reaches 220Wh / 15.3Ah high capacity. Can run approx 7 hours for normal ENG cameras and approx 2.5 hours for ARRI ALEXA.

High Load for Cine Cameras

At least 200W / 16A load

PB-S220S provides at least 200W/16A high load even at 1% capacity, to drive high power Cine cam- eras and on-camera devices together. The high load cells will also ensure battery life comparing to normal load batteries if long time full load output. 

4× D-tap, 1× USB

PB-S220S provides 4x D-tap output sockets with 10A/120W load, and 1x USB 5V/2A socket, to power other on-camera devices together.

6A Fast Charging

Using SWIT 6A fast charger

PB-S220S supports 6A fast charging by SWIT PC-P461S or S-3812S fast charger, to save more than 50% charging time. The 220Wh PB-S220S battery can be charged from 0 to 80% after 2.3 hours, and fully charged within 3.5 hours.

Digital Power Info

OLED display accurate remaining run time

The build-in OLED can displays remaining power percentage, remaining working time, and battery cycle times, and support viewfinder info display on both SONY and RED cameras.

Description of LCD warning codes

     - P01 - P13: the battery trigger protection function and can be recovered;

     - E01 - E03: unrecoverable error, please contact the manufacturers to repair, do not disassemble the battery. When the battery rests more than 10 days or runs out, it will enter the sleep mode and the LCD will not be displayed.

 Common battery protection codes

     - P01: power has run out, please charge the battery as soon as possible.

     - P02: over voltage during charging, please remove the battery, discharge the battery to decrease the voltage to recover.

     - P03: over current when charging, please remove the battery, and it will recover after 30 seconds.

     - P05-07: the load is too heavy, please remove the battery, and it will recover after 30 seconds.

     - P08-09: battery short circuit, please remove the battery and make sure the electrodes are clean, and it will recover after 30 seconds.

     - P10-13: temperature protection, please remove the battery and put it at room temperature to recover.

     - Battery plate: V-mount.

     - Nominal voltage: 14.4V.

     - Capacity: 220Wh,15.3Ah.

     - Max output: In total: 200W.

     - Electrodes: 200W,16A.

     - USB:10W, 5V/2A.

     - D-tap: 120W / 10A.

     - Dimension: 121×95×96mm.

     - Charging Temperature: 0-40°C.

     - Discharging Temperature: 20°C-50°C(Capacity and Max Load may decrease when operating below 0°.

     - Net weight: 1.44kg.

     - Max charging current: 6A.

     - D-TAP socket number: 4.

     - USB socket number: 1.

1x PB-S220S

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