S-8972 SONY L Series DV Camcorder Battery Pack


S-8972 SONY L Series DV Camcorder Battery Pack

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SONY L series battery

Display remaining power info

S-8972 is the replacement battery for SONY NP-F970, compatible with SONY HVR-V1/Z1/Z7, DSR-PD190, HD1000E, etc. S-8972 can exchange digital info with the cameras, and display remaining power info on the camera viewfinder.

47Wh / 6.6Ah High Capacity

With 7.2V nominal voltage, the S-8972 has 47Wh / 6.6Ah capacity, and can run approx 5.5 hours on SONY HVR-Z1 camcorder when LCD monitor is on.

Build-in Pole-tap DC Output Socket

A 5.5/2.1mm pole-tap DC output socket is equipped on the side of S-8972 battery, for DC 7.2V (Nominate) connection.

You can connect on-camera LED light, monitor or wireless transmitter on the pole-tap socket, and get power simultaneously with camera.

The Max power from the pole-tap is 30W, 4A.

4-level LED Power Indicator

The S-8972 battery has the 4-level LED power indicators to check the battery remaining capacity. You can get a quick view of capacity before using.

Easy Charging

The S-8972 can be charged on SWIT Dual channel charger S-3602F or 4-ch charger LC-D421. It takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes to charge from empty to 100%.

     - Nominal Voltage: 7.2V

     - Capacity: 47Wh, 6.6Ah

     - Max output power:

          - Total: 30W, 4A

          - Pins: 30W, 4A

          - Pole-tap: 30W, 4A

     - Compatible cameras

          - SONY HVR-Z1/Z5/Z7/V1;

          - SONY DSR-PD150/170/190;

          - SONY NEX-FS100/700/EA50;

          - SONY NXR-MC2000/HD1000;

     - Dimension: 71×39×70mm

     - Charging Temperature: 0-40°C

     - Discharging Temperature: -20°C-50°C(Capacity and Max Load may decrease when operating below 0°)

     - Weight: Approx 300g

1x S-8972 SONY L Series DV Camcorder Battery Pack

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